This works especially well for dark jeans

This works especially well for dark jeans. The method is to air the inside out of the jeans before drying them. Although the sun can play a direct air sterilization role, but the role of ultraviolet radiation is one of the main reasons for most clothes fade. So when air is basked in, put in shady and cool ventilated place as far as possible best. If the best time to wash jeans is 6-12 months wear jeans for a week or a little sweat (stolen) put it in the washing machine to wash, in fact, this is a great harm to jeans, long-term like doing it will make your jeans shape out of shape, oh, there will be no stick car comfortable and beautiful legs. Correct method should be, as far as possible 6-12 months clear that should see each respect to decide. First of all

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