Simplest and most basic color matching Corsets methods

simplest and most basic color matching Corsets methods. Same color is to point to a series of hue is same or similar, the shade that produces by lightness change is different and shallow tonal. The same kind of color collocation can obtain dignified, calm, sedate effect, apply to the mature female with elegant temperament. But it’s important to note that the same color is generally not recommended, depending on your situation, if you have a pink dress with a dark green dress, if you have a very small skirt, if you have a very deep color, if you have a pink dress. If it’s a bright red, you can pair it with black, white and gray. Black and white striped cardigans are classic. Simply pair a white T-shirt with black ankle pants and white canvas shoes for a fresh look. Tie-in method 2: the small foot pants of light blue + white snow spins unlined T-shirt isĀ  summer the most

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