Lingerie area dark too much, can appear more skin dark coat suggest wear light color, white rice toner pretty in blue, and so on lining skin Excessive color can do So the pants doesn’t matter, candy color shoes and best coat fits lovely Lingerie echo Or wear element such as white beige monochrome shoes so the design of clothing had better choose more fit, too wide to be able to appear empty and weightless feeling will be more thin, too tight, like pieces of paper, so choose the best fit. Since the neck is longer, avoid v-neck clothing, which will stretch the neck visually. Try to choose a T-shirt with a wide horizontal or round collar to achieve a wide horizontal pull. Also can choose the shirt with vertical collar, but do not need to be able to put the collar naturally good, button up as far as possible button, with V collar is the same reason. The length of the clothes of upper body should not be too long