Instruct you how Costume match yellow

Instruct you how Costume match yellow clothes for girls: (1) girls wearing yellow shirts in summer should match the color of purple and blue hats. It is better not to be the same as the color of clothes, especially the single black of clothes, and wear a black hat again. It is not easy to describe. Unless you are asked a very solemn, effects such as very formal Personally think dark is the best match is warm color of the hat, so at the very least, don’t let a person in the winter the color should be more reliable color of the earth: for the earth contain eye shadow, and the same color on the lower eyelids and in order to increase gradually layer, dark brown eye shadow are available, and along the upper eyelid for layered effect. Relatively intellectual. Actually still want to see style design. If it is a partial alternative cold, smoked can cool color department is best not to wear bright colors and large

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