Costumes possible need select thin tie But playing knot up as far as possible to cultivate one’s morality pants and shirts The colors are best too fancy Bags must be bad Let’s briefcase purple clothes from the classical collocation, choose black best. Otherwise the purple will not be pressed at all. Summer black sandal, can foil purple Costumes mysterious temperament. If the dress itself is light and mauve, you can go for a fresher look, but white sandals are a good idea. Want to see fashionable dress female shoe upper body short leg is long very good, to the leg undertakes decorating can appear person is very slender. Try a long, dark coat or shirt. If the torso is a bit heavy and the limbs are longer, try a knee-length or over-the-knee dress (casual, not slim), or a shirt tucked under the hips. Do not wear the belt around the waist line, as far as possible to weaken the waist node