Especially dark jeans first time to buy the water

Especially dark jeans first time to buy the water, it needs to pour some white vinegar or salt, at the same time the pants turn over soaked for about half an hour, used to lock the color.

Since dark pants are bound to fade a little, white vinegar helps keep that deep blue color as shiny as possible. Please do not use hot water soaked pants, that will have a large degree of shrinkage, the general temperature of water in 45 degrees or so can change.

If the conditions allow, please do not use the washing machine to wash jeans, that will destroy the drape of the pants, the color of the pants, the body of the natural white will become unnatural.

If you use white vinegar, pour it into cold water and soak your jeans in the water for half an hour.

The same goes for salt

elastic is better than non-elastic

elastic is better than non-elastic, it will look good on you and show your body. Of course, if you have confidence in your body, but if you think you are not very confident, I suggest you use non-elastic, so that it will look tight. It’s not worn on the top and it doesn’t obviously loosen or tighten, otherwise it’s not a very good quality jeans. After wearing cotton jeans for a period of time, jeans will adapt to the change of body shape. After washing with water, they will shrink and return to their original state. The best time to wash jeans is 6-12 months. Wear jeans for a week or put them in the washing machine if you have a little sweat (stolen goods). In fact, it will do great harm to jeans. The correct way is above the hipbone, which is the most common style of jeans nowadays. Low-rise jeans: the waistband is located below the hipbone. Low-rise jeans are mostly designed for women, but men’s jeans in pursuit of sexy effect often have low-rise or low-rise styles. 1. Straight tube: the most basic style of jeans

Both of which can prevent the color from fading

Both of which can prevent the color from fading, and make sure to wash your jeans in reverse Can use brine bubble first, turn over inside to wash next, do not use too much scour, do not brush with the brush to maintain the hardness of jeans, do not need to join softener when cleaning, jeans is washed hind unfavorable twist is dry, should hang clothes rack when it still is dripping water at ventilated place air. Such ability can maintain jeans the most natural pants model, avoid to be exposed to the sun for long, when depositing, should put its first even, pants chain does after the line is folded in half, fold pants canal again two, such, your beloved young trousers can wear very long, be like new same and visible You can’t wash your jeans in hot water, which may cause the jeans to shrink or deform greatly, affecting the feeling of wearing. And jeans do not want to spend cleanness more, when chun xia autumn, a month is washed 2-3 times can, if winter, clean 1-2 times ok. If you think your jeans smell, hang them in a ventilated area, spray some water on them and let them dry.

This works especially well for dark jeans

This works especially well for dark jeans. The method is to air the inside out of the jeans before drying them. Although the sun can play a direct air sterilization role, but the role of ultraviolet radiation is one of the main reasons for most clothes fade. So when air is basked in, put in shady and cool ventilated place as far as possible best. If the best time to wash jeans is 6-12 months wear jeans for a week or a little sweat (stolen) put it in the washing machine to wash, in fact, this is a great harm to jeans, long-term like doing it will make your jeans shape out of shape, oh, there will be no stick car comfortable and beautiful legs. Correct method should be, as far as possible 6-12 months clear that should see each respect to decide. First of all

Still have the small skill on colorific collocation of a dress

Still have the small skill on colorific collocation of a dress, unless you are having very high level control ability to colorific, the color on the body had better not exceed 4. Include bag inside, such tonal meeting make sure your dress is not hot eye, perhaps still can take out light advanced feeling. Khaki is also a very popular color in fashion, and there are many different shades of color. If the color is light, it is basically close to apricot, while if the color is dark, it is close to coffee, which belongs to the range of khaki. Choose fabrics that are too thick or too thin. Because thick material has outspread feeling, can make the person appears fatter; Too thin and prone to obesity. Choose fabrics that are soft and crisp, such as gabardine, serge, wool polyester, cotton-polyester, etc.

Dress collocation basically points

Dress collocation basically points to be in design, color photograph is harmonious, achieve tactful on whole, generous effect. Collocation skill, basically from how dress up gives an elegant, beautiful, free from vulgarity charm woman is the purport place of the net namely. Mainly from the aspects of choosing a career, choosing a spouse, making friends, making friends, social contact, business and other aspects, the introduction of men’s and women’s clothing and clothing collocation art provides you with fashion, trend, individual style collocation, recommend online shopping is worth paying for goods, pay attention to the latest fashion trends, fashion street photos, and share wonderful articles about dressing collocation, clothing collocation

Instruct you how Costume match yellow

Instruct you how Costume match yellow clothes for girls: (1) girls wearing yellow shirts in summer should match the color of purple and blue hats. It is better not to be the same as the color of clothes, especially the single black of clothes, and wear a black hat again. It is not easy to describe. Unless you are asked a very solemn, effects such as very formal Personally think dark is the best match is warm color of the hat, so at the very least, don’t let a person in the winter the color should be more reliable color of the earth: for the earth contain eye shadow, and the same color on the lower eyelids and in order to increase gradually layer, dark brown eye shadow are available, and along the upper eyelid for layered effect. Relatively intellectual. Actually still want to see style design. If it is a partial alternative cold, smoked can cool color department is best not to wear bright colors and large

Appropriate beautiful dress

Appropriate beautiful dress, comfortable snow spins the fabric to be very relaxed when collocation is worn the bright color with same color department, for instance citricĀ  green, tender grass green or white, can give a person a kind of relaxed, vivid feeling; When the color that fastens with warm color is like yellow or orange, can have a kind of youth, lively feeling. When paired with purple, blue, or black, it can look noble and gorgeous, but it’s best not to overdo it. This kind of color

Green clothes with green or black shoes! Yellow clothes are the most brilliant colors! Women wear yellow best match color is pink purple, because purple is also rich color, yellow and purple collocation is rich and expensive! Next

Simplest and most basic color matching Corsets methods

simplest and most basic color matching Corsets methods. Same color is to point to a series of hue is same or similar, the shade that produces by lightness change is different and shallow tonal. The same kind of color collocation can obtain dignified, calm, sedate effect, apply to the mature female with elegant temperament. But it’s important to note that the same color is generally not recommended, depending on your situation, if you have a pink dress with a dark green dress, if you have a very small skirt, if you have a very deep color, if you have a pink dress. If it’s a bright red, you can pair it with black, white and gray. Black and white striped cardigans are classic. Simply pair a white T-shirt with black ankle pants and white canvas shoes for a fresh look. Tie-in method 2: the small foot pants of light blue + white snow spins unlined T-shirt isĀ  summer the most

Want to show his characteristic lingerie

Tall girl, Want to show his characteristic lingerie. Wear pencil pants, a simple T-shirt, and a bare shoulder. In the summer, you can wear a long dress to show your temperament. In the winter, you can wear a long uniform jacket, pencil pants, and a knight’s boots. Dress collocation is protean, should rely on oneself to consider ability to match the most suit oneself

The thin white coat adopts H version design to subtly cover the round curve of waist, and the unique sleeve design highlights the uniqueness of the clothing. Blue jeans under the body with street style, the whole is full of youthful vitality of the taste, full of fashion. 2. What kind of clothes use the currently popular small and deep v-neck design color? The T-shirt can be worn with jeans, dark blue or light blue, khaki or black slacks for a yellow SHIRT, or black slacks for a Korean version. Personally, I don’t think yellow clothes will cause a big problem with jeans in most cases