Both of which can prevent the color from fading

Both of which can prevent the color from fading, and make sure to wash your jeans in reverse Can use brine bubble first, turn over inside to wash next, do not use too much scour, do not brush with the brush to maintain the hardness of jeans, do not need to join softener when cleaning, jeans is washed hind unfavorable twist is dry, should hang clothes rack when it still is dripping water at ventilated place air. Such ability can maintain jeans the most natural pants model, avoid to be exposed to the sun for long, when depositing, should put its first even, pants chain does after the line is folded in half, fold pants canal again two, such, your beloved young trousers can wear very long, be like new same and visible You can’t wash your jeans in hot water, which may cause the jeans to shrink or deform greatly, affecting the feeling of wearing. And jeans do not want to spend cleanness more, when chun xia autumn, a month is washed 2-3 times can, if winter, clean 1-2 times ok. If you think your jeans smell, hang them in a ventilated area, spray some water on them and let them dry.

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